Leaky Basements   +   Water in Crawlspaces   +   Stormwater Management   +   Dry Wells   +   Sump Pumps


Leaky Basements & Crawlspaces

Axiom PDX solves your water problems. We offer free estimates and comprehensive solutions to solve your water issues, keeping your home dry for years to come. Maintaining a dry crawlspace and basement will help you avoid unnecessary repairs and live healthier.

Stormwater Management

AXIOM PDX is a Pacific Northwest company...so we understand rain. With proper planning and design, we can keep the rain from sneaking into your home. From repairing and installing rain drains to french drains and dry wells, we'll keep the rain running away from your house.

What you get

AXIOM PDX offers a 10 year, transferable warranty on all waterproofing work. Water under your home can cause damage to your home as well as to your health. We stand by our work, offer competitive pricing, and are quick to respond.